The Quality Difference - What makes Helvativa Montessori products so durable?

Polyurethane (PU) Coating on all products - not paints and varnishes.

Polyurethanes are a very versatile elastomer, or artificial rubber. Properties can be manipulated through chemistry, allowing it to take on a multitude of unique qualities. We use both coloured PU coatings (such as in the Pink Tower & Geometric Solids), and clear PU coatings (such as in Nesting Boxes & Concentric Cylinders).

1. Protection

Polyurethane finishes create a smooth protective barrier on any surface they are applied to. This barrier is virtually impenetrable to atmospheric elements such as moisture, salts, and ultra-violet light, so it keeps weathering elements away from the material it is coating. Polyurethane finishes also protect against chemicals that can harm wood and steel.

Helvativa Montessori materials are all UV-resistant and bleach-resistant so can be placed in direct sunlight and hygiene sprayed regularly and will not fade or warp.


2. Safety and Application

Paint can be harmful if ingested even after its dry. After it has cured in the factory, PU Coating does not emit harmful vapours. So, it is safe for people, animals, and the environment.

PU coatings ensure Helvativa Montessori materials are not only safe for tamariki in the classroom, but also makes for safe workplaces in our factory.


3. Aesthetics

PU coatings bring out the beauty and natural aesthetics of the materials underneath. In solid colours and metallics, PU coating can make surfaces look classy, shiny, or matt. For wood finishes, clear PU coating brings out the natural wood grain and preserves the look of fine cabinetry.

PU coatings bring out the beauty and natural aesthetics of the quality Helvativa Montessori materials.


Only Hardwoods used – no softwoods and laminates.

Helvativa Montessori Wooden products are made entirely from hardwoods; namely teak, beech, and African hard woods. They are denser, and are less prone to dents, splintering, and hold up well to wear and tear. It’s main advantage is its high density = more durable. Materials made out of hardwoods can literally last a lifetime! Best of all, teak and beech is some of the most available and accessible hardwoods in the world, we source from countries that make sure the amount of wood used never exceeds the amount of wood growing to take its place.

Hardwoods last. The hardwoods used in Helvativa Montessori are ethically sourced.